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EDM is hot and the epicenter of the action is Fort Collins' newest and most popular nightclub, the Old Town Lounge. Decorated in a cool lounge style, it offers plenty of seating and serves some of FortCollins "best cocktails.

Avo is the local choice for live music and every Friday and Saturday from 19: 00 to 24: 00. Enjoy this concert series as part of the Bohemian Festival, a free weekend - long music festival with nationally known artists on August 12, 13 and 14. All ages and all walks of life come this weekend to support great music in Fort Collins.

It really doesn't matter where you play, it's about attracting a lot of people and seeing live music, and that's what our community has embraced. The community here has been and is a huge part of FoCo's life and we are proud to serve the community of Fort Collins and the Northern Colorado area. I think we really expanded what Northern Colorado music is - and kept the scene active, which just helped our scene and pushed it forward. Our community will only grow and be able to continue to be a sustainable event that the people of Fort are really looking forward to participating in.

The free Lagoon Summer Concert Series is produced by the Mantooth Marketing Company and hosted by Downtown Fort Collins. Last year, bands from across the city were welcomed to FortCollins and acts from Fort Colorado were sent to the annual Summer Music Festival at Colorado State Fairgrounds in Denver. The deal sealed the deal for the second year in a row of FoCo's annual summer concert series in 2015, and it's the third year in a row.

The series, which starts June 9, will feature bands from Northern Colorado playing live music and watching the audience safely in their cars. There is something for everyone at this free music festival in downtown, and FoCo is the only way to get a wristband for this event, with $5 for adults and $3 for children. Blake Shelton will perform at the Lagoon Summer Concert Series, which begins on Friday, April 27 and runs through Saturday, April 28. Presented by the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown FortCollins Business Improvement District, the series features audiences - gratifying national headliners, Colorado acts and junior jam sessions, as well as local acts.

The Old Town may be the hip epicenter of Fort Collins, but lesser-known enclaves have FoCo flavors worth savouring. Local cuisine is less a genre than an overarching ethos available in FortCollins, not just in local restaurants.

If you're touring nationwide or have an Avogadro Number show here in town, let music and art be your last stop here in Fort Collins before you take the stage. Mishawaka is located in the mountains directly on the Poudre River and competes with Red Rocks as the premier outdoor concert venue in this country. It's about 20 minutes from Poulre Canyon, but it's still a place everyone who lives in FortCollins has to experience. If you're in the mood for a particular day, you can find a variety of local bands, from local artists to name just a few of the city's most talented musicians, all in one place.

We also have festivals that focus on the love of live music, and you can find it at almost every festival and celebration. There are Northern Colorado acts playing FOCOMX in April and local and national acts performing at Bohemian Nights and New West Fest. With a variety of concerts from local bands to national and international acts, Lincoln Center offers live entertainment for all types of music fans throughout the year.

It is clear that the music scene in Fort Collins is thriving and as we continue to reach new heights year after year, we have achieved our goal of becoming one of the most popular music cities in the state of Colorado. To track down some of our favorite local and national music acts from around the country, I've put together the most popular in the city. If you haven't had the opportunity to explore the lively music scene of the city, here is your guide to the best music events, festivals, concerts, events and events in the city.

The live music of Magic Rat is sophisticated, comfortable - be comfortable and socially detached from what happens at Drive - in jive. Tailgate parties, tailgating parties and live music with the best of both worlds in Fort Collins.

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