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When you think of Colorado, you probably think of a few things: mountains, snow and beer. The city of Fort Collins, just 65 miles from Denver, is a combination of jade forest and metropolitan ambience. FortCollins had it all, but it had to have it, because it's one of the most populous cities in the state of Colorado.

A variety of attractions, including the Centennial Village Museum, which offers an interesting look into the past, and the Fort Collins Museum of Natural History. Information on the foothills of the hiking trails is available at the City of FortCollins Natural Areas or at the city's bicycle and pedestrian center, which offers free bicycle parking. Rent a bike for free at the Bike Library, pump up the routes for top-notch mountain bikes, check in to the Colorado State Parks and Recreation Department's mountain bike program, and visit a local brewery to sip a fresh ale. While the above activities - such as hiking, cycling and exploring the open space - take place in the park system and on the paths and trails, they are also promoted.

Get to know the Fort Collins car, which runs daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends, and learn a little history. Explore the history of the city's historic buildings, such as the Centennial Village Museum and the City of FortCollins Museum of Natural History, and learn about their history as a tourist destination.

At the edge of the Horsetooth Reservoir, holidaymakers can enjoy horseback riding, lake fishing, hiking and camping. Lory State Park is just one minute from Fort Collins, and in the heart of the city, just blocks from the park's main entrance, there is a new white water park this summer.

North Fort Collins is also the home of the FortCollins Country Club, and many of the properties there have golf courses and views. Local tourist attractions in the area include the Colorado State Fair, Denver Zoo and Rocky Mountain National Park, to name a few. North of nature, Fort Colorado's entire tourist attraction is located so that tourists can spend time here enjoying the full enjoyment and fun.

Close to historic downtown, there are many Fort Collins breweries, including industry leaders such as the Odell Brewing Company Gold Medal, which allows you to explore all the breweries on a trip. There are also several other breweries in the area, as well as a number of local craft breweries. Breweries include the local breweries, FortCollins Brewing Co. and Colorado State Brewery.

Downtown Views of Brews is unique in Fort Collins and Airbnb; in fact, it's "the best place in town for beer, wine, food and entertainment." The Hilton is in a great location, but the best time to visit is between 12 and 8.

Fort Collins is the perfect place to scroll, and easy climbing is one of the reasons why outdoor enthusiasts love to live in Fort Collins. Overcome your fears with Gnarly Climbs before it really closes, or head to the local climbing gym to experience some great climbing.

Below is a list of the top 10 things to do during your stay in Fort Collins. We would love to help you plan all the wonderful things you will do during your time here. If you have ever considered moving to this fun and exciting city, we think this list is for autumn activities. InFort Collins will help you settle here!

An hour and twenty minutes from Fort Collins, a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park is a must - do something. A northwestern river also flows through the small town of Bellvue on the edge of the Alps. We encourage you to visit this beautiful town in FortCollins and be part of one of Colorado's most popular walking, cycling and hiking trails.

Most of Fort Collins's attractions are located in the Old Town, which includes Old Town Square, Old Town Hall and the historic Old Market Square. This area is home to many of its attractions, including the Colorado State Capitol, the FortCollins Museum of Natural History and many other historic buildings.

If you have children under 5, you will spend a rainy day at Old Town Square or Old Market, or even at one of the Fort Collins shopping malls. FortCollins doesn't have much of a shopping mall, but the better shopping is in the old town or nearby Loveland.

The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is known as one of the best museums in the state of Colorado. This museum, dedicated to the popularization of international folk art, is a must see tourist destination.

The University of Colorado - Fort Collins, the largest university in the northern Colorado region, is located in a small town of about 1.5 million people and is home to the University of Colorado. The NorthernColorado region is concentrated on the Colorado State University campus and the College of Natural Sciences and Engineering (CSU).

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More About Fort Collins