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The level of art hanging in Fort Collins is considerable and boasts some of the best art galleries in the state and the largest contemporary art collection in Colorado. From jazz pianos to painted power transformer boxes, Fort Collins has an incredible art scene. There are festivals, gatherings, and influential studies that enrich the FortCollins art scene, such as the Colorado Springs Art Museum, Colorado State University Art Gallery, and much more.

The Fort Collins Music eXperiment is an annual event hosted in April by the FortCollins Symphony Orchestra and the Colorado State University Music Department. The Symphony keeps the region in tune with emerging and established musicians from across the state and even as far away as New York City and Los Angeles. Northern Colorado is entertained, inspired and busy with music, music festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, events, festivals and more.

Visitors can enjoy works by artists such as Andy Warhol at the Museum of Contemporary Art Fort Collins and Colorado State University Center for the Arts. Flower lovers can also visit the CSU experimental garden in the Center of Art of the University.

Metal wall hangings are inspired by the actual mountain ranges throughout the state, such as Rocky Mountain National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains. There are also artworks that belong in every Coloradan home at the Museum of Contemporary Art Fort Collins and Colorado State University Center for the Arts.

With a wealth of creative and artistic - related - professionals scattered across the region, there is no shortage of strong local arts initiatives. A city the size of Fort Collins certainly needs space for artists to work, learn and perform.

In total, we have voluntarily agreed to work on various curriculum committees over a period of six months. The team also engaged artists directly in the design and planning of the AIR curriculum.

The three partners are joining forces to form the Arts Incubator of the Rockies (AIR), which will provide the educational resources and support needed to promote the careers of local artists. At-risk teens are being creatively supported by relationships in western Colorado. Support services are provided for residents recovering from substance use disorders and homelessness. Mentoring relationships are encouraged and BVI students are given the opportunity to learn about various artistic media and create art as they wish.

Denver's immigrant artists are offered opportunities to focus on their creative careers, gain experience in their work, and participate in Denver's art community while preserving their cultural identity. Bringing art to the cityscape has given the Fort Collins community a sense of artistic culture and value for the past two decades, and it continues to grow every year. This survey is a sign that the city of FortCollins is working hard to support and engage the arts in the city for years to come.

The downtown artery will enter into a new partnership with the City of Fort Collins and the Fort Collins Arts Council. Public Places, we will certainly make art part of the cultural landscape of the city for the next decade and beyond.

The gallery will hold a monthly Art Walk, where collectors and budding art lovers will have the opportunity to admire the art on display in the main gallery space. With exhibits on various topics such as sports, costumes and travelling exhibitions.

This state-of-the-art station allows users to make music with unconventional instruments, experience the wind on the walls and understand the musical heritage of Fort Collins.

The beautiful historic post office houses the Fort Collins Museum of Art, which houses a large traveling exhibition featuring many contemporary artists. Located in the heart of the city, visitors are invited to nationally recognized exhibitions and workshops. Topics include art history in Colorado, art history and heritage-related art. This temporary exhibition, a collaboration between the University Center for the Arts and Colorado State University, shows the beautiful CSU experimental gardens, which also display some of their most popular artworks.

The Estes Park Mountain Music Festival attracts regional and national artists in a family atmosphere that offers free admission to children. The annual art exhibition at the Fort Collins Museum of Art offers the opportunity to refresh your culture.

If you have a taste for art and want to move to Old Town Fort Collins or move, we know you will love living in Confluence. In the surrounding area there are a number of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and other shops serving the city and the surrounding area as well as the rest of the county.

Demographic data show that Fort Collins and surrounding counties have more than 6,000 creative workers. The mountainous western region has a population of more than 16 million, averaging 19 people per square mile. FortCollins is the second largest city in Colorado after Denver and the second largest after Boulder.

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More About Fort Collins